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While working on my Bachelor’s degree in 1995, I enrolled in my first ceramics class. I found that creating functional, aesthetically pleasing pottery was extremely gratifying. Since then, I have continued learning this craft through workshops, private lessons, and college courses. To me, this is a journey without end — there’s still so much to learn.

I enjoy working on — and perfecting — simple glazed forms for everyday use. I have used a variety of techniques: majolica, salt and soda firing, raku, and gas and electric firing. As a result, I have developed an eclectic style and form involving a multitude of clays, processes and glazes.

I am inspired by natural forms of simple elegance, like gingko leaves, sea shells and seed pods. Although I can never replicate these perfect forms made by God, I strive to express my appreciation of this beauty through the forms I do create.

Tammy Josephson