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Shonto Begay was born on a Navajo reservation sheep camp to his mother, a traditional rug weaver of Tonalea storm patterns and his father, a respected medicine man.

In addition to being a prolific painter, lecturer and author, Shonto is a spokesperson for environmental rights. He uses acrylic paint on canvas to convey memories and his concerns about the environment and encroaching development. Shonto’s impressionistic brushstrokes depict moments in time. From images of hogans to the government boarding school he was forced to attend, to paintings of hitchhikers and mesas that seem to go on forever, his art balances the harsh realities of reservation life with the amazing beauty found among its people, canyons and mesas.

A professional artist since 1983, Shonto spends his time painting and speaking to audiences of all ages. His art has been shown in more than 50 shows in galleries and museums including The Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe, the American Indian Contemporary Arts ‘s museum in San Francisco and Phoenix Art Museum.
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Shonto Begay
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