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Raina moved to Arizona in 1990 to attend Prescott College where she earned a BA degree in Environmental Philosophy. It was in 2000 that she realized that making art was her true passion, and enrolled in the art program at the University of Arizona. She received her BA in studio art, with honors, from the UA in 2002. She has devoted her life to art ever since. Her work can be found in various locations around Arizona, including art galleries and wine tasting rooms. Raina’s artwork incorporates her studies in printmaking, life drawing, collage, and painting, and is heavily influenced by her education at Prescott College. She views each canvas as a playground for her psyche. 

Each piece evolving naturally and intuitively. Through this organic approach to art making, Raina believes she taps into, and expresses universal themes that many people can identify with. “I know I have succeeded as an artist if my paintings elicit a strong emotional response, but my work is never premeditated. It's more about the process of putting colors, shapes and lines down on the canvas and letting the paintings evolve.”

Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul - and you answer. 
- Star Richés

“Paradise” Detail

“Jack Rabbit”

“Midnight in the Garden”

“New Boulder Field”

“3 Blue Flowers”

“The Orchard”


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