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Patty Hoisch creates unique jewelry using the lost wax casting method for her metal components.  She has a distinctive style which showcases her love of carving and collecting interesting beads. 

Patty was raised in Flagstaff Arizona in an art loving household. Her father, who worked as an astronomer, was also a prolific painter who encouraged his children to try different media.  Her first job was as a lapidarist, where she learned the art of inlay and bead making by cutting, shaping and polishing stone and shell.  She also worked as a graphics illustrator for N.A.U. After moving to Southern Colorado she learned the art of leather carving and created a line of hand tooled leather belts and purses that incorporated intricate beadwork. 

After moving back to Northern Arizona Patty began working for the Mummy’s Bundle, a company that wholesales wearable art jewelry nationwide.  She started as a jewelry maker, and also managed the manufacturing end of the business after a few years.  As her jewelry making skills progressed, she began to assist the designer with prototypes.  Patty felt drawn to express herself with her own designs and developed “Wild Hare Arts”.  Her love of fine craftsmanship and interesting color combinations shows in the detail of her pieces. 

Patty gets inspiration for her work from hiking in Northern Arizona and enjoys playing music with her husband Tom.


Patty Hoisch