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Milly  Haeuptle
    My appreciation of aesthetics and craftsmanship was influenced by growing up in Switzerland, where I developed a taste for the bold, contemporary jewelry produced by local artisans. 

In my adopted home of four decades, Arizona’s deserts with their stark beauty,  the sensuous, dark shapes of eroding cinder hills against the background of a luminous horizon, and sandstone voluptuously carved by the forces of wind and rain have become the sources for my inspiration.    
    Manipulating metal is at once challenging and satisfying, both from a design and crafts aspect. The subtle beauty, sculptural qualities and permanence of the material intrigue me. With my designs I intend to make a strong statement without being flashy, to emphasize the feminine without being cute. I have succeeded if my jewelry frames and enhances the personality of the wearer. It is also my ambition to create enduring, contemporary designs that are not identified with fleeting fashion trends.