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I was working on a degree in ceramics in 1976, when Kent Ipsen came to Northern Arizona University to give a glass blowing demonstration.  We melted beer bottles in a small brick furnace.  From that beginning, I have pursued a career in glass that has included owning a glassblowing studio for twenty years, teaching glass to students of all ages, and now owning a glass casting studio.

I base my work on a foundation of quality and craftsmanship.  My design intentions are to incorporate the function of the object into its environment.  The direction of my work has become more sculptural in style and scale.  My interest in glass has always been its uniqueness as a medium.  The fluidity and sheer brilliance of hot glass have guided my designs.  Creating chandeliers is a natural extension of these qualities.  Now my work combines all of the skills I have acquired, mixing materials and techniques to create exciting, new art.
Kevin  Ragaller


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