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John  Binzley
John Binzley is an artist, craftsman and adventurer. Traveling to the far corners of the world yearly, he embodies a unique and personal vision that fuses the duality of his life as a trader and an artist. His travels and contact with diverse cultures enrich both his art and his life. 

John was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1955. His father was an educator and his mother a mystic. He grew up in a highly creative environment. His formative years were divided between Southern and Northern California. His unique aesthetic perspective originally developed living along that dramatic coastline, from the majestic redwood forests of Marin to the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert.

After high school he moved to the Southwest. He settled in the old western ghost town of Jerome, Arizona where he became part of an artist colony. He has continued to maintain a studio and home there since 1976. It was here in Jerome that John developed a taste and interest in Native American culture and beadwork, inspiring him to create his own ceremonial pieces.

He is a master of silversmith, beadwork, lapidary, and leather craft. Along with the treasures he gleans from his travels, he weaves these disciplines together to create one-of-a kind fashionable objects of adornment, fine jewelry, handbags, pouches, and distinctive objects de art.