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“It was Election Day, March 9, and a gentle, late-winter snow was falling on the Flagstaff area, including on Hart Prairie north of town.

For Jay McCormick, a silversmith and 26-year Hart Prairie resident, it was good day to finish up a special order and then get started on a new batch of his best-selling silver rings.
Working in what he calls his "great room" -- combination kitchen, living room and workshop -- McCormick hovered over his soldering and stamping equipment.
As he sat in an office chair that allows him to change heights, he occasionally looked out a window in his eight-sided home at Steller's jays, nuthatches and chickadees who had come to visit and eat seed.

"We have grosbeaks, too, but they're kind of fickle in their habits; sometimes they're here and sometimes they're not," he said. "But the nuthatches, this is their home, so they live here all year round.”
- Betsey Bruner, Arizona Daily Sun “Home for Winter” article excerpt


Jay McCormick