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Holly Gramm was born an artist, the middle of seven children.  She was raised on a picturesque dairy farm in Chenoa, Illinois where brilliant sunsets, emerald fields and beautiful sisters were a constant inspiration for her drawings and paintings.

Holly first saw the art of glassblowing performed in Murano, Italy, as a teenager on a Latin class field trip.  Promising her best friend she would make her a beautiful piece of glass one day was a dream that was not to be realized until much later.  She received her first formal art education at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.  Working with color, fabric, paints and texture for the next 26 years completed that education, and Holly is the self-proclaimed guru of color and space design.

Moving to Flagstaff, Arizona in 1998 was an adventure that culminated in meeting the glassblower, George Averbeck and the glass art love was reignited.  Holly chose to study glassblowing under the direction of Fritz Driesbach at the Sonoran Glass Academy in Tucson in 2002, and now practices glassblowing at the Fire on the Mountain Studio in Flagstaff.
Holly  Gramm