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Glass artist George Averbeck is as colorful at the hand blown glass art that he creates.  Born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, George first came to Arizona on a family vacation and decided to stay and work at the Grand Canyon.  He later moved to Flagstaff and attended NAU where he was first introduced to hot glass.  For George it was love at first art became his passion and life's work.  He attended the prestigious Penland School of Crafts, worked as a studio assistant for the Summervail Art Workshops, and worked for glass artist Kerry Feldman and Fineline Studios in Breckenridge, Colorado.  

He returned to Flagstaff and began to work with Kevin Ragaller.  In 1996 George bought the hot glass studio from Kevin and now maintains his own studio, Fire on the Mountain, in Flagstaff.

 His work is currently exhibited in several Arizona and Utah galleries.
George Averbeck
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