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Cecilia Mayr born in Votuporanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil uses bold, vibrant colors in her monoprints and paintings, expressing her fundamental joy and enthusiasm in life. She studied Fine Art and Philosophy, earning her degree in Fine art and cartoon animation in 1977.  She worked in Sao Paulo and Riode Janeiro with artist Pedro Sanchez. Her early professional experience came in creating animated television commercials and comic books from 1976 to 1977, in Brazil. After traveling to Spain and Italy, she moved to United States in 1978, taking residency in Phoenix.  Spending five years in graphic design. In 1984 Cecilia faced the need for inner expression and worked at a studio downtown Phoenix painting watercolor and mono prints. 

Mayr says her art is the result of "spontaneous emotion that comes from inside." Emotion comes across so strongly in some of her pieces, that according to Mayr, "most people think they were painted by a man." Despite the thematic gravity of Mayr's art, her works are festive, vibrant, and celebratory.

An animistic force pulses through abstracts inspired by aerial photography of rural landforms or by memories of her grandfather's farm, which she calls "an intricate part of my childhood and growing up."  "I believe in life more than anything else," she says. "Even when it's craziest it can still be the best."


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Cecilia Mayr