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Originally from Boston, my earliest recollection of being an artist is sitting in front of Sargent's, Rembrandt, and Ruben paintings at the Elizabeth Gardner Museum and and Museum of Fine Arts.  I began to paint in grade school and earned a  B.F.A from Massachusetts College of Art.  I was always looking for landscapes to paint and so my travels led me to the Southwest where after moving in 1984,  I took many workshops with landscape artists such as Ray Roberts. 

After meeting my husband on the Navajo Reservation I have embraced the culture, land, and customs.  I am inspired by land formations as well as the sky and anywhere you look, there are landscapes to be painted. My paintings are real places that I see at the right light.  Sometimes I do plein-air studies, and sometimes I have just enough time for a photo.  When I paint, I create for myself a connection to the land and sky that gives me my own peace, growth, and strength. I define my own sense of "Walk in Beauty", which is a Navajo way of life, in the act of painting and connecting to the earth and sky.    I don't look for details like my camera, but strive for accuracy of simplicity.  I want to say, "It's so simple but so powerful."
Carol  Benally
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