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BroMacHines  "Purveyors of Fine Distractions"
Best friends from the beginning, as soon as we were old enough to hold pencils we began making plans and ideas for anything of interest. Art came naturally to both of us and we continued sharing our drawings for the next forty years. 
Brian studied at the Art Institute of Boston and Tobias School of Art followed by teaching painting, clay modeling, photography and other arts for 28 years in England. Eric has practiced the art of engraving in steel for 38 years in Flagstaff, receiving national and international recognition.

Each year a brief summer visit gave us the opportunity to work together on metal sculptures. In 2003 we took a commission of a large multi piece sculpture for the front yard of a local patron. In 2006 BMH made a working mechanical model of a Plesiosaur (Plesiobot), a life size Pteranodon and a flock of prehistoric birds for the Museum of Northern Arizona, now on display at the Visitors Center of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Page, AZ.

Our process starts with a general concept, refined through talking, research and a multitude of sketches. With an eye to aesthetics we take into account the visual qualities of different metals and other materials, and the shape and arrangement of the parts we fabricate. We select chains, gears, sprockets and levers based on both their attributes to acquire the look we want and the transfer of motion throughout the machine. Blueprints for the components and systems finalize the design stage, followed by the fabrication of a unique, one-off piece or the prototype for a series of sculptures.

With Brian's move to Arizona in 2012 we can now collaborate in earnest on our interpretations of steel animals and vintage machines. We hope to recapture the beauty of times past when artistic form was even more important than mechanical function.
Brian Gold & Eric Gold


“Circus Wagon”



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“Kontraptionator 6000”